Why You Should Visit Our Hamilton Family Dental Office for a Dental Cleaning

Posted on: June 1, 2016

Family DentalAs a Hamilton family dental office, we recommend that you schedule a dental check-up with our office for twice a year. There are several reasons for this, including the prevention of cavities. While this is what most people think of, it is not all that we do. Here are several ways that bi-annual appointments with our dental office can improve your overall health.

We offer….

Education. We understand the power of education and believe that when our patients are well informed, they will then have the tools to maintain proper oral health and hygiene as they age. This can make the difference between keeping your natural teeth in place as you age or living with teeth that are brittle, weak, prone to infection and eventually fall out. For example, we warn patients about the dangers of drinking anything with a low pH level. Soda, for example, can have a pH level in the 2’s which makes it close to phosphoric acid. Since you can unclog a sink with phosphoric acid, you can only imagine what soda is doing to your teeth. In fact, a pH level below 5.5 can dissolve your dentin or literally eat away at your teeth. By educating patients as to the importance of avoiding soda and other acidic objects, we can warn patients like yourself to stay away from them. After all, something like a can of Coke a day can negatively impact the future of your oral health if you are not careful.

Cleanings. In our Hamilton family dental office, we can provide you with a dental check-up to remove any plaque or tartar that has built up over time. This is critical because no matter how well you brush, it is possible to miss certain areas and have plaque gather there. As a result, you can end up with cavities the dirtier your teeth are. When we perform a cleaning, we are removing the plaque, often before it has the opportunity to secrete enough acid to erode your enamel enough to cause tooth decay.

Prevention. We can also take active steps to help prevent common oral health issues like cavities and infections. This includes brushing dental sealant onto the chewing surfaces of the teeth. As a family dentist, we use this procedure when the ridges are deep and food and plaque are likely to become trapped. The sealant creates a barrier that prevents anything from touching the chewing surfaces of the teeth so that cavities cannot form there. This can be done quickly during your dental cleaning appointment.

Restorations. It is common for people to crack or chip their teeth, even one, during their lifetime. This can happen when kids are playing on the playground or an adult bites into a bag of trail mix or a variety of other activities. The point is that if you do damage a tooth, you need to know who to call. We can restore it quickly in our Hamilton family dental office and do so in a way that looks entirely natural.

For assistance with any of your dental check-up concerns, call and schedule a Hamilton family dental appointment right away.

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