The Benefits of CEREC Same Day Dental Implant Crown Placement


The benefits of CEREC same day dental implant crown placement are significant, namely that your restoration will be complete faster.  As a Hamilton, OH cosmetic dentist office, we realize how busy our patients are.  With the demands of life, no one has time to repeatedly visit the dentist.  That is why, at Bridgewater Family Dental, we use the latest in technology to provide you with the high-quality dental care you deserve, in a more convenient manner. To understand the true benefits of visiting a same day crown dentist, it helps to learn more about the process of getting dental implants.

After an examination and x-rays show that you are a candidate for dental implants, an appointment will be scheduled with a dentist or oral surgeon to have a titanium post implanted under your gums and secured to your jawbone.  This is done in each place where you are missing a tooth.  Over the course of several months, the titanium post and jawbone will fuse together through the process of osseointegration.  Once complete, you will be ready for the next step in the process.

The implanted post serves as a new root system, but it is not the visible tooth that people will see.  Dental crowns are the physical replacement teeth that will be visible.  In order to attach them to your implant, an abutment must first be secured to the post at the surface of your gums.  Next, a crowns dentist can attach your new teeth to the abutment for a completely restored, durable, and beautiful set of replacement teeth.

Benefits of CEREC Same Day Dental Implant Crown Placement

At Bridgewater Family Dental, we encourage you to visit our 45011 cosmetic dentist office to have the crowns created and placed.  As a same day crown dentist, we can complete this portion of the process in one day, rather than several weeks.  Typically when you visit a crowns dentist, an impression will need to be made of your mouth and measurements taken, that are then sent to a dental lab.  Since the crowns are created off-site, you have to wait for them to be finished before you can come back and have them placed.  This can be frustrating after going through the process of having dental implants placed and the abutment secured to them. Since crowns are placed at the end of the process, most people are anxious for it to be over so that they can begin benefiting from their new teeth.  We completely understand and use the latest in technology (CEREC) to make the process go quickly.  When you visit our Hamilton, OH cosmetic dentist office, we will take digital images of your mouth and upload them into our software program. The program will create a rendering of your tooth and precise blueprints and instructions that our milling machine will use to create your crown or crowns.  Since we are a same day crown dentist, this will be done while you wait.

The crowns that you will receive from our Hamilton office are just as durable, strong and natural looking as what would be created in a lab.  The difference is that you don’t have to wait for it.

To schedule your appointment with a same day crown dentist, call (513) 712-9642.  At Bridgewater Family Dental, we treat patients throughout Hamilton, OH and the 45011 area, and look forward to hearing from you.

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