Learn How a CEREC Dentist Can Restore Your Smile

Cerec Dentist Hamilton, OH

Are you looking for a CEREC dentist? This type of dental professional offers their patients updated dental technologies, which means patients can get the dental treatment they need quickly and efficiently. When someone needs dental restorations, the quicker they seek treatment, the easier their restoration will be.

Improving smiles

Thinking about choosing a CEREC dentist to restore your smile? Many people who are not completely happy with how they look when they smile are choosing to take advantage of the modernized dental technology treatments available. These technologies mean patients can improve their smile in as little as two different appointments, a very appealing idea for those who live busy lives. In addition, these new technologies allow dental patients to not only improve their smile but can even design a completely new smile.

How CEREC technology fixes smiles

CEREC technology uses digital images to improve smiles. This technology allows for great precision and a faster turnaround time for any dental treatments a patient needs. Below is a list of how a CEREC dentist can use CEREC updated technologies to improve smiles, allowing one to feel confident when smiling.

CEREC dental crowns

CEREC dentists use dental crowns to repair one or more teeth that are damaged or weak. Saving teeth that are in jeopardy of being lost due to damage is necessary, as a healthy mouth includes a full set of teeth. In addition, crowns are a popular restorative treatment as they are used not only to make damaged or weak teeth stronger but are also designed in a way that matches the rest of one’s teeth, making for a uniform smile.

CEREC dental veneers

Dental veneers are custom-made for every patient using thin pieces of strong and durable porcelain. They can enhance one’s teeth in several ways, so you can make minimal or major improvements. Examples of how CEREC veneers can restore a smile include:

  • Making crooked teeth look straighter
  • Making small teeth look larger
  • Covering up hard-to-remove stains
  • Minimizing or closing gaps in between the teeth

CEREC dental inlays and onlays

An alternative to crowns is a dental inlay or a dental onlay. These two indirect restorative options are more conservative repair options and are custom-made for patients using porcelain, composite or gold materials. Inlays are also called partial crowns, as they enhance the integrity of a tooth when a dental filling is insufficient. Onlays are also called partial crowns used to restore large areas of tooth damage.

In need of smile restoration services?

Do not wait any longer to schedule an appointment with a CEREC dentist. This dental professional specializes in restoration services and can provide safe and effective solutions for those needing help. Dental restorations are necessary when someone damages one or more of their teeth, as a healthy mouth has a full set of healthy teeth.

Are you considering a CEREC dentist in the Hamilton area? Bridgewater Family Dental offers patients restoration services. To learn more about visit https://www.bridgewaterfamilydental.com, or call us today at (513) 712-9642 to schedule an appointment.

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