Bridgewater Family Dental Compares CEREC And Traditional Crowns

CERECIf you have ever asked yourself, “CEREC vs traditional crowns?” Bridgewater Family Dental  can help you decide. Our comparison of the two covers the advantages and disadvantages of each. Continue reading to learn more about our CEREC crown process and how we can restore and protect your teeth.

The CEREC System Defined

Before we compare whether or not you should get CEREC or traditional crowns, Bridgewater Family Dental  will explain what exactly CEREC is, since many people do not fully understand the convenience it provides.

CEREC is an acronym for Ceramic Reconstruction. Ceramic is the main component of the top-notch, metal-free materials used in the restorations. CEREC is a technologically advanced system designed to create tooth-colored dental restorations of the highest quality. The convenience of CEREC lies in its ability to create dental restorations in only one visit. With the use of a 3D photosystem and CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) technology, CEREC assists the dentist in designing and fabricating a virtual, then physical restoration. These restorations are mainly in the form of crowns, but CEREC can also be used for onlays, inlays, and bridges when required.

CEREC vs Traditional Crowns?

In most cases, CEREC's pros far outweigh those of traditional crowns.

Faster: CEREC provides convenient one-day creation and application, whereas traditional crowns require more than one visit and longer chair time.

Precise: Since CEREC uses computer technology that quickly provides an advanced virtual crown structure for a detailed look before the crown is actually fabricated, crowns will end up being more precise restorations that fit your teeth better.

Hassle-free: You will no longer have to undergo an awkward and annoying impression process for your crown creation. In one quick visit, you will have your crown. Traditional crowns require at least two visits. Your appointment for a CEREC crown should only take an hour - in extensive cases, two hours - then you can get back to work or go home, and not have to worry about coming back for a follow-up crown application.

Discomfort-free: You will not be required to wear a temporary crown in between dentist visits, as CEREC completes the entire crown procedure in one appointment. Traditional crowns normally create cause for a temporary crown while your permanent one is being created. Temporary crowns do not protect your teeth as well as permanent crowns do, and they can be uncomfortable in your mouth.

Compatibility: CEREC crowns are created to be biocompatible with your teeth and gums so they do not irritate or harm the area around the crown. You will also no longer have to worry about unsightly gray color leaching into surrounding teeth and gums from metal crowns.

To learn more about choosing CEREC vs traditional crowns, visit our office. Bridgewater Family Dental  can explain everything you want to know about the CEREC system and how it can help you quickly and effectively.

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