7 Reasons to Get CEREC Same Day Crowns


At Bridgewater Family Dental, we can provide you with CEREC same day crowns to improve the appearance of your natural teeth or replace any that you have lost.  As a same day crowns dentist, we can provide you with dental restorations in one appointment so that you can get back to your busy schedule right away.  To schedule an appointment with our Hamilton, OH dental office, call (513) 712-9642.

CEREC is a cutting edge technology that is not offered by a traditional crowns dentist.  The benefits of visiting our office for CEREC include:

  1. Your tooth can be restored in one visit.
  2. CEREC crowns look natural and beautiful.
  3. Your restoration will be durable.
  4. There is no need for a temporary crown.
  5. You don’t need to come back in for a permanent crown.
  6. The process is precise.
  7. Your smile will look amazing when we are done!

Same Day Crowns Dentist vs. a Traditional Crowns Dentist

When you need a dental restoration for a cracked or chipped tooth or you need dental implants, an impression will be made and measurements taken.  With a crowns dentist, this information is then sent to a dental lab so that the new crown can be created to the exact specifications.  This can take a couple of weeks depending on how busy the lab is.  When you visit a 45011 same day crowns dentist, the process is different.  Instead of making an impression, which can be messy and uncomfortable, digital images are taken.  These images are then uploaded into a software program that creates a 3D rendering of your tooth.  A blueprint for the crown is then created and sent to the milling machine in our Hamilton dentist office.  The machine will create your crown while you wait.  It is high-tech yet simple and convenient.

Visit a Same Day Crowns Dentist for Dental Implants

At Bridgewater Family Dental we can replace your missing teeth using dental implants.  This is the best way to replace teeth because it is the only solution that replaces both your missing root and tooth.  Whereas dentures are removable and a bridge is held in place using your other teeth for support, dental implants are secured directly to your jawbone.  Once the titanium implant and your bone fuse together, your replacement tooth will have as much stability and security as your natural ones do.  While other 45011 dentists do place dental implants, there are benefits of visiting a same day crowns dentist for this procedure.  The actual tooth portion of the implant is a dental crown.  Since we can create it in-house, the process of receiving your restoration is easier and faster. 

If you are ready to improve the appearance of your smile, have a damaged tooth restored, or replace a tooth with dental implants, visit our Hamilton, OH dental office.  At Bridgewater Family Dental, we are committed to providing you with high-quality dental care using the latest dental technology.  As a same day crowns dentist, we are using CEREC to deliver on that promise.  We are confident that you will enjoy the benefits of receiving same-day crowns in a comfortable setting.  You can schedule an appointment with our 45011 dental office by calling (513) 712-9642.

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