5 Benefits of Mercury Free Dental Restoration


As a Hamilton family dentist office, we provide mercury free dentistry because we are confident in the long-term health benefits of doing so.  There are 5 benefits of mercury-free dental restorations but the most important one, from our perspective, is that you are limiting your long-term exposure to mercury.  Pregnant women are told to limit the amount of fish that they eat for this very reason, yet many people spend their entire lives with a dental restoration containing mercury.  At Bridgewater Family Dental, we believe that you deserve better than that.  We use the latest technology to provide you with restorations that are going to benefit your immediate health without creating a health risk due to prolonged mercury exposure. To learn more about our solutions, call (513) 712-9642 and schedule an appointment with our 45011 cosmetic dentist office.

5 Benefits of Mercury Free Dental Restoration

  1. They look natural.
  2. Your restorations can be completed in one day.
  3. No risk of metal showing through.
  4. They are incredibly durable.
  5. Better for your overall health.

At Bridgewater Family Dental, we are able to bring you mercury free dental restorations using CEREC technology.  When you visit our cosmetic dentist office, we can use CEREC to create your dental restoration in one appointment.  Some people have asked us if the dental restoration is as strong as what they would get from another family dentist.  This is an understandable question since most dentists take a couple of weeks to create and finalize a restoration like a dental crown.  The reason it takes longer is not because it is better or stronger but because it is created off-site in a dental lab.  If the lab is busy, it will take longer to create the restoration.  It is that simple.  However, as a CEREC dentist, we can create crowns and restorations in our cosmetic dentist office while you wait.  They are just as strong, durable and natural looking.  The only difference is that the process is more convenient for our patients.

Technology is Making Dentistry Better

Beyond these 5 benefits of mercury-free dental restorations, we encourage you to consider the value of visiting a family dentist that leverages medical technology to your advantage.  At Bridgewater Family Dental, we know that dentistry has changed, yet many dentists still do things the way that they always have.  We believe that dental care has gotten better and that new technology is making the same basic processes more convenient and comfortable for patients.  Our goal is to leverage technology for your benefit so that you and your family can have a beautiful smile that is healthy, durable, and long-lasting.  One of the ways we are doing so is by offering mercury free dental restorations and using CEREC technology to create them in the same day.  This way, you can visit our cosmetic dentist office for a dental restoration and leave with a smile that is fully intact – no need to come back in for a second appointment.  To learn more or to schedule an appointment with our Hamilton, OH family dentist office, call (513) 712-9642.

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